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Final Piece

IMG_7415-1 IMG_7417-1 IMG_7422


Final piece with glass installed.


First Stage Set Up

IMG_7402-1 IMG_7400 IMG_7399

These images are displaying the set up of my piece for the final exhibition, it is not yet finished as there will be a section of glass hung in front the work for it to be viewed through. During my work the material glass became increasingly apparent. It was interesting to investigate how and why we use it and how we interact with, especially in this piece where I explored how it unintentionally confronts us with the other and simultaneously our external image.

The Gaze

The Gaze was a term coined by Lacan. I read about this concept in the book Reading Images which also contains texts by Foucault on the Panopticon and an interesting text by Zizek on the triad of the gaze. Lacan explains that the gaze is more than just viewing it has a reciprocal nature. By the very fact that we are seeing means that we have also the capability to be seen as well. He elaborates on the mirror stage to demonstrate this, it is an early developmental period during infancy when a child first becomes aware of their external image. Lacan infers this has social implications and political parallels when analysed in later life. For me I was very interested in the external image especially in the context of todays media culture. However I focused mainly on the reciprocal aspect of seeing, the duality of seeing and be seen simultaneously. I wanted to explore how this happens daily when it is easy to forget our external image and become absorbed within ourselves and forget our outward projection. In my work I want to create an awareness of our own image as well as drawing attention to other peoples.